Orange Me Feet Foot Scrub

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Get rid of dead and dry skin cells.

CC’s Orange Me Feet Moisturizing Foot Scrub invigorates and softens your feet while gently removing dead skin cells . It is made with organic sugar and salts and includes moisturizing oils. If you are the type of person that likes to walk bare feet, then this product is great for you. Amazing citrusy juicy scent! Your feet will feel soft, silky and smooth.

CC's Orange Me Feet Moisturizing Foot Scrub has an amazing orange scent. My orange foot scrub has organic sugar crystals that polish and smooth away dry, flaky skin from your feet. This is a refreshing citrus foot scrub that is great to use anytime of the year. CC's Orange Me Feet Moisturizing Foot Scrub is made with top quality organic ingredients. This is a natural citrus foot scrub your feet will thank you for.

 Instructions: After cleansing your feet, remove approximately a teaspoon of scrub from jar with a dry spoon. Gently massage over feet, paying particular attention to dry and scaly areas. Massage on feet for approximately a minute or two. Rinse scrub off of feet and dry well. Always pay particular attention to get the skin in between toes dry. If that area is not dried well, it can lead to cracked skin.

Ingredients: Organic cane sugar, sea salt, pink himalayan salt. Jojoba, almond and safflower oils. Orange essential oil, Vitamin E oil and VegeCide.

8 oz