10% and 20% off Fall Sale

Fall has always been one of my favorite seasons of the year. The colors are beautiful with shades gold, bronze, bright burnt oranges, maroons and red; and the air is so crisp and clear. The scent in the air is also amazing as the leaves are changing colors and beginning to fall. A scent that always gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. The state of Maine is so beautiful, especially in the fall. I am very blessed to live in Northern Maine where fall colors just pop and you can see miles of beautiful, mesmerizing tress with vibrant shades while driving.

Over the next few weeks, I will be having a 10% off soaps and 20% off goat milk soaps sale. I am selling out many of my older soaps and introducing new ones. The first new soap I am introducing is my Shea Butter Dream Soap which I made by cold process method. I had been making most of my soaps by the hot process method but will now be making most of my soaps the cold process method. Both processes produce beautiful and good quality soaps but by making my soaps by the cold process method, I can make many more soaps at once which is much more cost effective.

Shea Butter Dream Soap is a soap made with moisturizing oils and butter that is great for your skin as we enter cooler temperatures. Cold winters can cause dry and itchy skin, Shea Butter Dream Soap helps to keep your skin's integrity healthy and moisturized. You will find that you will not need to use as much lotion on your skin when using this soap.

I have also introduced a new loyalty program where you earn bubbles for a percentage off of your purchases. So please stay turned as positive changes are made.

There are some goat milk soaps left, so take advantage of the sale if you love goat milk because I will not be making them anymore, since I am vegan. Goat milk soap is creamy and good for your skin, so if you are a goat milk fan, please continue to use it. My choice now is to make all vegan soaps since I am vegan.

Thank you and have a great day,

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