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Made Four Batches of CC's Complexion Bar today.

Made four batches of CCsComplexion Bar today by the cold process method. Since my little business is growing, I will be making all of my soaps by cold process now. Cannot keep up making them hot process anymore. This soap will be available 2/22/23 since they have to cure for a month by this method. Making my soaps cold process will be much more cost effective since I am making them in larger quantities now. This soap contains so much goodness for your skin. It contains carrot seed oil, shea butter, honey, rosemary and clary sage along with other natural skin-loving goodness.

Thank you to my customers who contacted me to ask if I was still making this soap. My inventory will be slowly growing again since I am converting over to making all of my soap cold process and other products in bulk too. I appreciate all of you and thank you for your patience. The soap will look a little different, but the quality will be the same. In the future I am considering a different look for this complexion bar and would appreciate your input. My goal is to make the soap in a way that fits comfortably in your hand as complexion bar.

Blessings to you all!


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