November's Featured Product is Coco with Shea Body Butter

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

During the month of November, you will receive a free sample of my Coco with Shea Body Butter with all orders and you can receive 10% off a regular sized jar!

Winter and colder temperatures are on the way and with that comes dry and itchy skin. My Coco with Shea Body Butter is an unscented, rich and creamy body butter that contains organic shea and coco butters, sweet almond and avocado oils and it also contains Vitamin E oil and organic bees wax. This beautiful rich and creamy body butter is best to use after a bath or shower. After drying your skin, gently massage a small amount on your skin, paying extra attention to dry areas. The body butter is readily absorbed by your skin while soothing and nourishing it. With continued use your skin's integrity and appearance will improve. This is a very versatile body butter. I have had some customers tell me that they use a little on their face as a face cream and some of used a little on the ends of their hair to nourish dry ends. So pamper your skin this winter. One sized jar will last you the entire season because with this body butter, a little bit goes a long way!

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