Acne Charcoal Soap with Tea Tree

Acne Charcoal Soap with Tea Tree

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Get clearer skin naturally. Soapinapouch Acne Charcoal with Tea Tree Soap thoroughly cleanses oily skin and helps clear and prevent acne breakouts without stripping your skin. Activated charcoal naturally draws bacteria and impurities from your skin and  helps to improve the health and integrity of your skin. Activated charcoal also draws excess oils that clog your pores. Another benefit of activated charcoal is that it helps to shrink pores and tone your skin.  


Tea tree essential oil contains natural antibacterial properties that help to combat acne. It also contains natural antifungal and antiseptic properties and is great for soothing and clearing up inflammations. Another benefit of tea tree essential oil is that absorbs excess oils from your skin. This soap contains a blend of oils that cleanse and provide needed moisture without clogging your pores. You will love the luxurious and creamy lather this soap produces and how it feels on your skin without drying it out.


Acne Charcoal Soap contains jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is very similar to your own skin's sebum - it is readily absorbed by your skin and it helps so soothe inflammations. It is a good oil for acne prone skin and for sensitive skin as it does not clog pores. Argon oil is also very similar to your own skin's sebum and it contains antioxidants that protect your skin. 


Argan oil contains carotenoids that works as a fat-soluble pigment which creates a natural skin barrier which helps to protect your skin from environmental factors. Argan oil also contains natural antibacterial properties. This soap also contains extra-virgin olive oil which also resembles your skin own sebum - it is loaded with antioxidants and properties that provide the needed moisture your skin needs without clogging pores.


Ingredients: Saponified extra-virgin olive oil, coconut oil and sustainable palm oil. Jojoba oil and argan oil. Activated charcoal and tea tree essential oil. Distilled water.


5 oz