CC's Natural Sandalwood Cream Deodorant

CC's Natural Sandalwood Cream Deodorant

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CC's Natural Sandalwood Cream Deodorant keeps you odor free and comfortably dry. Made with sandalwood essential oil which contains natural antibacterial properties that help to eliminate and prevent body odor. Sandalwood is also soothing for your skin. Aluminum free formula gives you peace of mind knowing that you are applying a safe and non-toxic product to your skin. It also conditions your skin with continued use.


Tapioca Powder (Cassava) - Tapioca powder is extracted from the casava root which is a tropical root that has many benefits for your skin. It helps to improve your skin's integrity and it brightens your skin. That is why with continues use, you will notice a difference to the integrity of your arm pits. Soothing for your skin and helps to absorb moisture.

Organic coconut oil has a natural antibacterial agent called lauric acid which helps to eliminates body odors. It is also super conditioning and soothing for your skin.

Sodium bicarbonate absorbs sweat and is also a natural body deodorizer.

Vitamin E Oil smooths and soothes your skin.

Vegecide is a natural preservative.

Creamy, gentle and effective.

Instructions: Apply a small amount to your fingers (less than a pea size) and soften. Massage to clean and dry skin under your arms.

2 oz