CCs Peppermint Honey Lip Balm

CCs Peppermint Honey Lip Balm

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CCs Peppermint Honey Lip Balm is moisturizing, soothing and conditioning for your lips. It is made with my own custom blend of natural and organic ingredients your lips will love. My natural peppermint honey lip balm contains organic bees wax which is amazing for dry and chapped lips. Organic bees wax is rich in natural emulsifiers that help to retain needed moisture in your lips.  

CCs Peppermint Honey Lip Balm also contains extra-virgin olive oil.  Extra-virgin olive oil contains a high concentration of antioxidants which help to protect your lips form free radicals.  Extra-virgin olive oil also contains natural moisturizers and conditioners for your lips. Does not contain artificial sweetners. 


My lip balm also contains organic unrefined coconut oil. A wonderful fact about organic unrefined coconut oil is that it contains lauric acid and other medium chain fatty acids that cross the skin barrier - and help to relieve inflammation.


This lip balm has a nice light peppermint flavor and it gets it light sweetness from the organic unrefined coconut oil. Your lip balm will arrive in an attractive hand made pouch.

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