Chocolate Caramel Soap Gift Set

Chocolate Caramel Soap Gift Set

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A scrumptious chocolate soap dream set. Chocolate Caramel Soap Gift Set is a perfect gift for anyone who loves chocolate caramel and natural soaps. This soap leaves your skin feeling super moisturized and conditioned. Chocolate Caramel Soap contains a special blend of cocoa, goat's milk, coconut milk and carrot puree for a soap that make your skin feel great. A nice Valentine's Day Gift.

The Soap does not have a strong chocolate scent since it is natural, it has a nice natural delicate chocolate scent from all natural ingredients. This is a fantastic nice gift for him or a nice gift for her. 

This handmade soap set set contains a large bar of chocolate caramel soap, a handmade knitted washcloth, a wooden soap dish all contained in a handmade pouch.

Chocolate Caramel Soap Medley
Ingredients: Saponified olive, coconut and palm oils. Avocado and castor oil, coconut and goats milk. Carrot puree, natural chocolate flavoring and distilled water. 6+ oz

Wooden Soap Dish approx. 5" x 3" x 3/4"

Hand Knitted Washcloth approx. 9 1/2" x 9 1/2"

Large Handmade Pouch approximately 10" x 5"