Green Tea Sandalwood Soap

Green Tea Sandalwood Soap

Handmade Green Tea Sandalwood Soap smells and works fantastic. Green tea contains antioxidants which help to protect your skin from free radicals and it also helps to protect your skin from harsh weather conditions. Green tea helps to reduce symptoms of skin conditions such as rosacea and other inflammatory conditions. My all natural green tea sandalwood soap is highly moisturizing and conditioning for your skin. Your skin's integrity will continue to improve with continued use. Pure and natural green tea sandalwood soap.

Scented with sandalwood and clary sage essential oils. Sandalwood is a relaxing essential oil and it also contains anti-inflammatory properties, Clary sage essential oil has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties and it helps to soothe many types of dry skin conditions. This soap works as an excellent bath or facial soap. You will enjoy this pure and natural green tea sandalwood soap.

CC’s Soap-in-A-Pouch are made with high quality oils and some with butters. They are made in small batches for guaranteed preciseness in measurement and quality assurance. Every effort is made in combining oils that benefit and improve the integrity of your skin. Artificial perfumes or colorants are never used.

Ingredients: Saponified extra-virgin olive oil (imported from Italy), coconut and palm oils. Brewed green tea, sandalwood and clary sage essential oils. Distilled water.

++Extra Virgin Olive Oil is known for numerous skin benefits. It has been used for thousands of years as a natural cleanser by Egyptian women who were noted for their natural beauty secrets. Extra virgin olive oil help your skin to become smooth and radiant. It also helps to maintain your skin elasticity.++

++Coconut oil has natural anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and also adds cleansing power to soaps. Palm oil adds luxuriant moisturizing and protecting properties to the soaps. Coconut oil also nourishes and hydrates your skin.++

++Palm Oil adds luxurious moisturizing properties to soap. It is a natural anti-agent product that contains beta carotene. Palm oil contains anti-oxidant properties which help to protect your skin from harmful free radicals. Palm oil also contains Vitamins A, C and E making this a nurturing resource for your skin.++

5 oz