Lavender and Rose Bath Bomb Gift Set

Lavender and Rose Bath Bomb Gift Set

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Give the gift of four bath bombs to someone who deserves to be pampered. These bath bombs soothe and moisturize dry skin while relaxing your mind and spirit. My all natural bath bombs are made with lavender essential oil and just enough dried rose petals to surround yourself in luxury. Your bath bombs will arrive all ready to give as a gift in a kraft gift box with a red bow.

Lavender essential oil contains natural properties that relax the mind and soothe your skin. These bath bombs are great to use in your bath before going to sleep. They will help to give you a good night rest. Lavender essential oil naturally helps to relieve anxiety and restlessness. Rose petals also have natural relaxation and stress relieving properties.

They also contain epsom salts which sooth sore muscles and to draw impurities from your skin. Epsom salt also has natural anti-inflammatory benefits

Ingredients: Baking soda, epsom salt and citric acid. Sweet almond oil, witch hazel and lavender essential oil. Organic dried rose petals.

Four lavender and rose bath bombs that weigh 5 - 5.5 oz each