Lavender Essential Oil Sugar Body Scrub with Organic Lavender Buds

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Natural Lavender Body Sugar Scrub with Organic Lavender Buds gently exfoliates and moisturizes your body and relaxes your mind. Dead and dry skin cells that are not exfoliated make your skin appear dull and the integrity poor. When you exfoliate these dead cells away, your pores are allowed to breath which reveals glowing and healthy skin. Made with extra-virgin olive oil which has amazing moisturizing properties for your skin, Vitamin E which is healing for your skin and lavender essential oil which is calming and relaxing for your body and mind.

Instruction: Mix oil and sugar with wooden spoon provided and scoop a small amount into your hand. Gently massage over clean wet skin and rinse well. 

Ingredients: Extra-virgin olive oil, lavender essential oil, vegecide and Vitamin E oil. Organic dried lavender buds.

10 oz


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