Natural Orange Bath Bomb Gift Set

Natural Orange Bath Bomb Gift Set

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Do you or someone special to you love the uplifting scent and color orange? If so, a natural orange bath bomb gift set would be a nice surprise. This gift set contains four handmade bath bombs that are filled with ingredients that will give you or someone else a relaxing yet energizing bath. You will emerge feeling great from your bath.

Orange and mandarin essential oils help to improve your mood and make your day brighter. Epsom salt is wonderful for soothing tired muscles and making your whole body feel great. Castor oil provides needed moisture for your skin. Colored with natural beta carotene which contains antioxidants that helps to protect your body against free radicals.

These bath bombs are beautifully wrapped in gold foil and contained in a kraft gift box that is adorned with a rustic bow. Ready to give as a gift for many occasions. Great mother's day gift!

Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid and epsom salt. Castor oil, witch hazel and beta carotene. Orange and mandarin essential oils.

Gift set contains 4 individually wrapped and labeled bath bombs. Each bath bomb is 4.5 - 5.0 oz