Orchid Bouquet Essential Oil Roll-On Scent

Orchid Bouquet Essential Oil Roll-On Scent

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Orchid Bouquet essential oil roll-on scent smells like a fresh bouquet of flowers. This blend of essential oils provide an uplifting, positive and cheerful scent. A blend of essential oils that brings some sunshine into your life! Choose to have your roll-on blended with organic fractionated coconut oil or organic castor oil.

Essential oils in this blend include:

Ylang ylang essential oil has a sweet floral scent. It helps to boost your mood and energy level and it helps to relieve symptoms of depression.

Bergamot essential oil has a sweet, citrusy scent and helps to improve your mood and relieve symptoms of depression.

Vetiver essential oil has an earthy and slightly citrusy scent. Is grounding, calming and stabilizing. Relaxing.

Neroli essential oil is calming and relaxing. Light sweet, honeyed, floral scent.

Ingredients: Organic Castor oil or Fractionated Coconut oil. Ylang ylang, bergamot, vetiver and neroli essential oils.

10 ml

For topical use only.

Disclaimer: CC’s Roll-on Essential Scents are not intended to cure any types of ailments or diseases. If you are pregnant, seek the advice of your health care provider before using. Also seek the advice of a pediatrician before using on children.