Patchouli and Orange Roll-on

Patchouli and Orange Roll-on

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Patchouli and Orange Roll-on Essential Scent smells warm and inviting. If you love Patchouli, you will love this essential scent. Patchouli provides a relaxing scent and is an excellent choice for aromatherapy to help relax your mind and body. Perfect to use after a busy day. This roll-on essential scent is mixed with a little orange essential oil which enhances patchouli’s amazing scent. You will mostly smell patchouli with this roll-on essential scent. A sweet exotic scent.

CC's Patchouli and orange essential scents help to relieve symptoms of depression. It helps to uplift your mood and relieve tension. Patchouli is also good for mild skin inflammations and is a natural insecticide – helping to keep bugs away. This natural body essential oil helps you to feel serene and centered. A peaceful and calming oil

Your Patchouli and Orange roll-on essential scent is pre-diluted for safe use on your skin. It is contained in a beautiful frosted bottle with a metal roller-ball.  Since it is only scented with essential oils and does not contain any artificial perfumes, you may have to reapply it during the day.

Instruction for use. Simply roll-on your skin several times a day as desired at pressure points such aw your wrist and behind your ears.

Ingredients: Organic Castor Oil. Patchouli and orange essential oil.

For topical use only.

Disclaimer: CC’s Roll-on Essential Scents are not intended to cure any types of ailments or diseases. If you are pregnant, seek the advice of your health care provider before using. Also seek the advice of a pediatrician before using on children.

10 ml