Tea Tree Shampoo Bar

Tea Tree Shampoo Bar

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This is an invigorating shampoo bar that produces loads of suds for shiny, clean hair without buildup. Tea tree essential oil has many benefits for your scalp and hair. Tea tree is a natural anti-fungal agent and it has natural antiseptic properties that help to rid your scalp of dandruff. Tea tree essential oil also helps to stimulate your scalp for healthy hair growth. A natural hair care shampoo bar.

Instruction: Wet hair with warm water. Work up a lather in your hands and apply lather to your hair. Gently massage lather into scalp, then rinse well. Rinse and repeat. Follow with a cold water rinse to close cuticles which leaves your hair super shiny.

Ingredients: Saponified extra-virgin olive oil, coconut and organic sustainable palm oils. Castor oil and shea butter. Distilled water and tea tree essential oil.

5 oz