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Your purchases help to support the Elena Jasmir Lozada Memorial Fund

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

The Elena Jasmir Lozada memorial fund is a fund that was started by myself and my family in memory of my daughter Elena. It provides limited financial assistance to students at Northern Maine Community College who are affected by mental health illness. Ten percent of sales go to this fund.

My daughter Elena was the victim of a homicide in 2010. Elena suffered from mental health illness and substance abuse. Her hope and dream were to one day be free and clean of drugs and to complete her education. She also wanted to start a program for young women who suffered from the same issues she did. Elena dreamed of one day having a residential home as she used to say, "for girls like me."

Elena went missing in 2010 after she left a hospital rehabilitation program in Portland, Maine. Her remains were found in 2011. When analysis was performed it was found that there was no recent drug use in her system, which meant that she was really trying to change her life. It was determined that Elena's death was caused by a homicide. The person of interest had previously lied and said that she died from a drug overdose and that he took her body to the woods afterwards. When that was proven wrong that she did not die from an overdose, he kept changing his story. He then chose to end his just before he was arrested, so there is so much about her death we may never know.

The Elena Jasmir Lozada memorial fund is a way of starting to make her dream of helping people come true. If you would like to donate to the fund without making a purchase here, you can do so by donating on the college's site. Just make sure to indicate that it is for the Elena Jasmir Lozada memorial fund. Donate here: Northern Maine Community College.

Thank you and many blessings to you,

Carrie Cronkite

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